News and Photos from APR Distributor Conference from Black Forest Industries – iPhone App, Ur-S4 Project Car, GTI Racecar & More

Editor’s Note: Every year Audi and Volkswagen tuning house APR holds a conference for its ever-growing group of worldwide distributors, distributors like Black Forest Industries (BFI). APR uses the time to show off their latest offerings and to reveal new projects to their distribution chain. On hand for the event, BFI has filed a report detailing highlights of what they saw. We think you’ll find any number of these most interesting.

Motorsport. It is not just a fun thing to watch on TV, it is APR’s entire philosophy behind their brand and their constantly expanding product line. The Alabama-based firm’s newfound success at the track translates directly and sometimes indirectly into the consumer market. 2012 was no exception as APR used their annual distributor conference to roll out any number new developments that they have been working hard on over the last several months and years.

One of the more significant announcements was that of upcoming Turbo Diesel software availability, something that many TDI owners have been eagerly awaiting. In addition to the TDI upgrades, APR also officially announced a partnering with the Volkswagen R division as they displayed a variety of motorsport driven accessories.

While not official, APR’s iPhone app was circulating rapidly and we’re told it is in the final stages of development. From what we can tell this is going to be an extremely robust piece of software that will usher in a whole host of benefits and upgrades- not just for those with APR tunes- but anyone wanting to closely monitor the inner workings of their Volkswagen Group vehicle. It will operate via a wireless dongle that the user can leave plugged into the vehicle indefinitely. Additional real-time gauges can be viewed on the phone’s screen during vehicle operation. As you can see, switching programs through the cruise control stalk will be made obsolete as well.

Of course the real reason everyone made the trip to Auburn- the Audi R8 GRAND-AM.

And let’s not forget the little brothers of the race program.

And here’s a look at the Black Forest Industries catch installed in a race bay in progress.

Volkswagen’s CC SEMA design study was also at the APR facility.

APR has also quietly begun a project based on the ur S4 known as “Project Reunion”. The car represents a quest to demonstrate just how much power can be extracted from the original Audi 5-cylinder as a tie-in to their current Audi 2.5 TFSI development. Word is that they have been able to squeeze over 500hp out of their TT RS development car with stock fueling and intercooler.

Brembo was also on hand as usual to show off a few of their more impressive pieces of kit. While the normally pricey parts were around, Brembo has acknowledged the demand for a more affordable upgrade and they have put something together to fit that bill.

Last but not least, APR was eager to show off their 5 axis CNC machine. The Alabama-based confirms that its addition will allow them to offer head porting services among many other things. It is an impressive piece of hardware to say the least.

And that’s Angry Panda Racing for you.

See even more photos and in higher resolution from the event via our photo gallery linked below. The selection includes even more shots of subjects covered here including parts from Volkswagen Racing, the iPhone app, the Audi ur S4 Project Reunion and several APR racecars.


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