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2014 Geneva motor show 1975 VW Scirocco 367 960x480

Pristine 1975 Volkswagen Scirocco Spied in Geneva Autoshow Parking Garage

Oftentimes at industry events, more keen observers can spot extremely interesting vehicles hiding in the visitor lots outside of the main attraction. Such was the case for us a few weeks ago at the Geneva Motor Show with this yellow 1975 Volkswagen Scirocco apparently owned by Volkswagen’s internal heritage arm Volkswagen Classic.

2014 Geneva motor show 1975 VW Scirocco 371 600x399

Sitting just outside the Plexpo Geneva, we spotted this extremely early Mk1 sporting its owner’s markings, leading us to believe that it was part by the brand’s heritage division.  Featuring early turn indicators and a dual wiper setup as well as yellow plaid cloth seats, we believe that the appearance of this car at the same event as the face-lifted Mk3 Scirocco’s debut is no coincidence.  Likely the car was to be moved inside for public viewing days.

2014 Geneva motor show 1975 VW Scirocco 373 600x399

Check out more photos of the car below.

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