Production Jubilee at Volkswagen: 8 Million Polos Produced

Volkswagen AG is celebrating a very special production jubilee.  The 8 millionth Polo to be produced worldwide has just rolled off the line at the Volkswagen Navarra S.A. subsidiary in Pamplona.  The jubilee vehicle is a red, 4-door Polo 1.4 l.

The Polo represents a success story that started in Wolfsburg in 1975 with the production launch of Volkswagen’s first Polo, and it is still going strong after 28 years.

The first generation of the Polo was presented in Hanover in 1975, the second at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in 1981.  IAA 1994 in Paris saw the presentation of the third Polo generation and the fourth generation was shown for the first time at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2001.

In 2002, Volkswagen delivered 487,000 Polos to customers around the world.  This constituted a 17% increase in sales year-on-year.  The most important markets are Germany, Italy, UK, China, Spain and Brazil.

Apart from Pamplona, the Polo is also produced in Brazil, China, South Africa and Slovakia. Daily production in the five factories totals around 2,000 units, of which some 1,250 are produced in the Spanish factory.

The Polo has been produced here since 1984.  Volkswagen is an important employer in the Navarra region, providing some 4,660 jobs in the Pamplona factory.

In 1984, about 2000 people worked at this car plant in northern Spain.  1986 saw the VW takeover of Seat and thus also of the Pamplona factory.  The engine assembly line and the consolidation centre were added in 1990.  December 1994 saw the founding of Volkswagen Navarra.  In the space of 19 years, more than 3.9 million Polos covering three generations of the model have been produced in Pamplona.

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