The New Golf: More Than 25 Awards Worldwide

Wolfsburg, 8. April 2005 – The list of awards for the new Golf goes on and on. Europe’s best-selling car has won more than 25 prizes in 16 countries in less than 18 months: it has now secured the title “Winter Car of the Year 2005” in Lapland, Finland; the Australian Royal Automotive Club Best Cars Award and has been crowned car of the year by three publications in New Zealand.

19 newcomers to the Finnish market from the past year across all classes were selected for an unusual winter car comparison by the influential automotive magazine Tekniikan Maailma and tested for their winter suitability. Although there is also Golf 4-Motion with four-wheel drive, the testers only used the front-wheel drive in the comparison. The deciding factors for the victory were the excellent straight-line running and handling (“top of the class”), street illumination, low fuel consumption and low emissions in the Golf 1.6 FSI.

The Golf has been just as successful since its launch in Hong Kong: “Automobile” magazine crowned the Golf the Best Hatchback, a prize for the best car in its class. The Hong Kong edition of Car & Driver also listed it among the top ten cars overall.

The Golf has already been at the top of six German and three British rankings and has won prizes in Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.