To the Point: Volkswagen – Paris Motor Show 2008

Wolfsburg / Paris, 01 October 2008

• New Golf – Customer value and comfort invalidate class distinctions

• New Passat BlueTDI – Volkswagen with SCR catalytic converter fulfills Euro-6 standard

• New Passat BlueMotion – 4.9 liter fuel efficiency, now with automatic start/stop

• Phaeton, model year 2009 – V6 FSI with 280 PS, high-end infotainment

• New Touareg North Sails – Edition created in cooperation with sail outfitter

Volkswagen is currently experiencing one of the most successful business years since the company came into existence. This is based on future-oriented model policies and a fleet of global bestsellers. An uninterruptedly strong product offensive is also ensuring that Volkswagen will succeed in further extending its position as the most successful European automotive brand. This year’s Paris Motor Show reflects a mirror image of this offensive: with five world premieres and one public premiere at once, Volkswagen is presenting an exciting spectrum of technologies and design trends.

The absolute highlight is the world premiere of the next Golf GTI (see separate press folder for details). The GTI is still a concept, but this Golf will be going into production in 2009. Despite its increased power, now at 155 kW / 210 PS, fuel consumption was successfully reduced to 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. And Volkswagen is pursuing this strategy systematically: the sixth generation production Golf also being presented in Paris consumes up to 28 percent less fuel.

Sensationally low in emissions is another new model that is taking the stage: the Passat BlueTDI. This is a world premiere of Volkswagen’s first model to fulfill the Euro-6 emissions standard that does not take effect until 2014. On board the Passat BlueTDI, a so-called SCR catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxides. At the beginning of 2009 this model will go into production with a 105 kW / 143 PS strong common rail TDI. Fuel consumption: 5.2 liters as a sedan. The second generation of the Passat BlueMotion will already launch in 2008. Volkswagen is presenting it as a world premiere too. On board the new Passat BlueMotion is a new common rail TDI (81 kW / 110 PS) that also provides for economical propulsion: 4.9 liter average fuel consumption (129 g/km CO2) are the answer to many energy issues of our time. The Passat Blue Motion has a standard Automatic Start/Stop system and fulfills the Euro-5 emissions standard that becomes law in September 2009.

The same now applies to all engines of the Phaeton. New to the lineup is a V6 FSI (gasoline direct injection) with 206 kW / 280 PS. The interior of the Phaeton, which has been further perfected in many of its details, is distinguished in the 2009 model by such features as a completely redesigned center console with new navigation and infotainment systems, including touch screen, 30-Gigabyte hard drive and Dynaudio sound. Its world premiere is also taking place in Paris. For the first time, Volkswagen is also presenting the production version of the Touareg North Sails there too; with its nautical flair it was specially tailored to the requirements of sailors.

Golf – public premiere of the sixth generation

Volkswagen is sending a new Golf out into the world, the best of all times. It was perfected in every detail. It is also the quest for perfection that has elevated the styling of the Golf to a new level. The team headed up by Walter de Silva, the Group’s chief designer, has succeeded in giving the Golf a presence, a sharpness, a power that generates even more fun. It is fun to look at and fun to drive. An intelligent car. A wide range of innovative engine and transmission technologies reduce fuel consumption values by up to 28 percent. Data such as 4.5 liter average fuel consumption for a 110 PS TDI put fuel prices in their place. All of the gasoline and diesel engines fulfill the limits of the future Euro-5 emissions standard.

Upon request, the Golf can park itself nearly automatically in the city thanks to “Park Assist”, it can maintain an ideal gap on the freeway by distance control (ACC), and at the push of a button it can transform itself from a cruiser to a sports car when the new “DCC Dynamic Chassis Control” system is on board. Above all, the car exhibits a standard of quality never before attained in this price class. In Europe, the market launch of the new Golf will begin in October. Following in succession will be Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.

Passat BlueTDI – World premiere of the cleanest Passat of all times

In a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen is presenting the cleanest Passat of all times and with it a new engine label: BlueTDI. The Passat BlueTDI is already slated for launch in first European markets in 2009, as a sedan and as a Variant. It is a harbinger of a whole series of innovative BlueTDI models to come. They fulfill the most stringent emissions standards in the USA (“BIN5”) and Europe (Euro-6 standard for the year 2014).

In the case of the Passat Variant BlueTDI being shown in Paris, a highly complex SCR catalytic converter together with the additive AdBlue serve to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions in the exhaust. The acronym SCR stands for “Selective Catalytic Reduction”, an internationally recognized term. “Selective” refers to the fact that this catalytic converter has a very special task: its purpose is to selectively convert nitrogen oxide (NOx) components of the exhaust stream to nitrogen and water without forming undesirable side products.

Technically, the BlueTDI of the Passat is based on the 103 kW / 140 PS strong 2.0 liter common rail engine. The BlueTDI, however, develops a power of 105 kW / 143 PS. Despite the slight power increase (3 PS gain), the Passat BlueTDI consumes up to 0.3 liter less than the conventional TDI, depending on the body version. In the case of the Passat Variant BlueTDI, fuel consumption is 5.5 liter per 100 kilometers (144 g/km CO2); for the sedan the figure is 5.2 liter (137 g/km CO2). Power is transferred via a 6-speed manual transmission. As an option, there will also be a Passat Blue TDI with 6-speed DSG.

Passat BlueMotion – World premiere of the second generation

BlueMotion is the Volkswagen label for the brand’s most economical cars. All BlueMotion models – from the Polo to the Passat – share this quality: their fuel-saving technology is absolutely affordable. The Passat is especially successful as a BlueMotion version. That is why Volkswagen is launching the second generation of BlueMotion technology on this model. The first Passat BlueMotion “2” cars will already arrive at dealers sometime this year. The new version of the Passat BlueMotion, once again offered as a sedan and Variant wagon, is powered by a highly advanced common rail turbo-diesel with 81 kW / 110 PS. It consumes just 4.9 liters* of fuel per 100 kilometers when it powers the Passat BlueMotion sedan; accordingly, its CO2 emissions are also low at 128 g/km (* = Variant: 4.9 liters and 129 g/km).

Furthermore, an Automatic Start/Stop system is being used that is highly effective especially in city driving. Also new on board the most economical Passat of all times: low-friction propshafts, so-called super “rowi” tires (rollwiderstandsre duziert = reduced roll resistance) and very light wheels made of a light flow-forming steel. The material thickness of these wheels is less in certain areas to save on weight. The BlueMotion technology package can be ordered in combination with the four equipment variants Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and Sportline. Always included: the diesel particulate filter.

Phaeton – World premiere of the 2009 model

A new infotainment system (RCD and RNS 810) as well as a more efficient V6 gasoline direct injection engine, now with 206 kW / 280 PS (gain of 29 PS) characterize the 2009 model of the Phaeton that has been perfected in numerous details. For example, all engines satisfy the Euro-5 emissions standard in the new model year. Other modifications include: three new types of alloy wheels (17, 18 and 19 inch), a slightly modified radiator grille, three new car colors (“Silver leaf metallic”, “Beryllium grey metallic” and “Mocca-anthracite pearl effect”), the new leather color “Corn Silk”, the new wood accents “Poplar grain latte macchiato“ and “Vavona”, switch illumination that is now white throughout instead of red, accent and switch trim in the new “Warm grey” color, an upgraded car key, makeup mirror in the rear of the long version, dampers optimized for low friction , as well as a rearview camera (Rear Assist).

The most in-depth revision on the Phaeton is a completely new center console design. A key component here: the new, standard RCD 810 infotainment system (radio variant) or the also new RNS 810 (optional navigation system variant). To integrate the Phaeton’s new infotainment systems in a style that is as balanced as the prior model’s solution, the center console was fully redesigned. This also involved changing controls for the four-zone automatic climate control (Climatronic). The new version of the high-tech sedan is being shown for the first time in the world at the Paris Motor Show. First models are already to be delivered this year.

Touareg North Sails – World premiere of the production version

At the Paris Motor Show, Volks wagen is presenting a special model of the Touareg whose design was customized for yachting enthusiasts: the Touareg North Sails. A concept car of this Touareg was shown at the Moscow Motor Show this summer. This is now being followed by the production version. The special edition designed in cooperation with renowned sailing outfitter North Sails impresses with numerous exterior and interior elements that reflect the style of high-end yachts. The new production model is already being launched this fall, and all familiar engines can be ordered (176 kW / 240 PS to 257 kW / 350 PS).


All data and equipment contained in this press release apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries. All information is subject to change or correction.

TDI, TSI, DSG and Twincharger are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG or other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and other countries.

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