Touareg R-Line Pictures Released, Details Not Known

Scouring the Volkswagen press servers this afternoon, we stumbled across some interesting pictures, and a description that was only available in German. What we can derive from the little German we know is that this appears to be a new Touareg R-Line. And what Google Translate can further provide us is that it is a special exterior package featuring a matte black rear spoiler, oval tailpipes, new front bumper, and new side skirts.

Also, it seems it will be available in a couple different package levels. Also available is the “Plus” package offering 20-inch “Mallory” wheels and new chassis tuning. Inside, it’ll also get you 12-way adjustable sport seats. That’s literally all we know at this moment, but we’re tracking down our contacts at VW to see if we can get some more info, when we’ll pass it on to you. Until then, feel free to explore our galleries below.

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