Tour Abt Sportsline’s Headquarters in our Galleries

Our sister site Fourtitude had quite the opportunity when it comes to the Volkswagen scene. When over in Germany for a drive of the new S8, editor George Achorn took some extra time while overseas and stop by Abt Sportsline’s offices. As a VAG tuner since 1970, Abt Sportsline has earned its reputation as one of the leading tuners for Volkswagen brands, Audi in particular.

Based in Kempten, the tuning company maintains a large headquarter building that also acts as a pre-tuned Audi dealer, and model for Abt dealers around the world. Nearby, Abt also has a race shop, where it builds and maintains Audi’s lead factory DTM cars, and derives a lot of the technology that goes into Abt tuning parts.

To say the place is home to some seriously cool Wolfsburg- and Ingolstadt-sourced metal is an understatement, so on his tour, George made sure to take a lot of photos along the way. Of note are some nice A1 Golf Cup race cars, as well as Lupo Cup cars, with even a New Beetle thrown in there. If you recognize that white widebody Golf I from somewhere, you probably remember it from its feature in the latest Gran Turismo installment.

All in all, there’s over 100 photos for you to check out by going to our galleries below.

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