Twin Turbo W12 Touareg Hits YouTube

This trio of videos has been floating around the internet lately, and we love them. Problem is, we can’t find any more information about them, and the site the YouTube profile links to is all in Russian.

But that won’t stop us from sharing them with you. The videos feature a W12 Touareg that’s had a pair of turbochargers strapped to it that, judging from the last video, are sizable enough to make some serious power. It features something called “Smart AWD” which makes adjustments based on wheel speed difference, and can be toggled to be RWD-only. The engine is managed using a ProEFI standalone EMS, with the rev limiter set at 8500 rpm.

The videos are admittedly short, but certainly allow enough time to demonstrate just how powerful the car is. If anyone knows any more info about this car, we’d love to hear it in the forums below.