UK’s Largest Car Review Site Finds That Women More Likely To Stay With Volkswagen Than Men

The United Kingdom’s largest car review site “” surveyed close to 9,000 Volkswagen owners to get their feelings on the brand and its products, finding that women are more likely to stay with the Wolfsburg based brand than men.  The study claims that only 6% of women plan on moving to a different brand, while a still incredibly low 11% of men planned to make the jump to a different brand for their next car.  WeLoveAnyCar also found that 35% women very lucky to be able to drive their car, and 28% of men said that owning a Volkswagen made them feel wise.  Those surveyed all rated their dealer highly, with 79% rating their 8 out of 10 or higher.

Check out the survey’s complete findings below.

Volkswagen is winning the hearts and minds of female car owners according to a new survey conducted by, the UK’s biggest car review site.

In a comprehensive survey of 8,794 known VW owners, it is clear that most owners rate the German brand car very highly overall.  Most Volkswagen owners like their cars, their dealers and the company that makes them.

VW Men and VW Women

The results of the survey are strengthened by the fact that 50% of men and 45% of women surveyed have owned 4 or more VWs.

VW ownership stirs up quite different views amongst its male and female customers.

  • Whilst 11% of male owners might swap brands next time, only 6% of women plan to defect for certain.
  • 65% of women would recommend their VW dealer, with men slightly behind at 60%.
  • Whilst both men and women rate their dealers highly (79% rate them 8+ out of 10), more men (48%) always get their car serviced at a VW dealership than women (36%).
  • One of the biggest reasons women do not go to their dealer to look after their car is that it is ‘too far’ away. commented, “Our survey results for Volkswagen are very strong overall. Of all the surveys we have carried out, VW comes out one of the strongest.”

The Female VW Owner: Lucky and Fashionable

In further evidence of the importance of the brand, the ‘feelings’ a driver has about owning a car is different between the sexes.

  • 35% of VW women felt ‘very lucky’ to be able to drive their brand of car, compared to just 16% of men.
  • 22% of female VW drivers believed their car made them feel ‘fashionable’ whereas only 14% men felt this way
  • 28% of all VW men felt that owning a VW made them feel ‘wise’ compared to 18% of women

Women VW Owners – Not as Keen on UKIP as Men

Women VW owners tend to be younger than VW men. They may also have a slightly different outlook on life as almost half as many women would vote UKIP at the next election, at 12%, compared to 21% of male VW drivers who say they will vote for Britain’s emerging political party.

40% of Volkswagen Drivers Would Buy an Electric Car (EV)

VW drivers have given some thought about the future of cars and around 40% would buy, or seriously consider buying an all-electric (EV) Volkswagen if it had a range of 300 miles on one charge like the American-made Tesla.