Video: Chris Harris Compares the Golf R and BMW M235i

Chris Harris has quite the life.  This week for his ‘Chris Harris on Cars’ video, takes command of the new (upcoming in the US) Golf R and compares it to BMW’s M235i, which while not a full-blown M Car, is still a very potent package.  For those who are not current /DRIVE+ subscribers, Chris takes the two on some ‘B’ roads for quick driving impressions.  For those who do subscribe, you can see Chris put the cars through their paces in a much more in-depth, extended test.

As for Chris’s conclusion on the two, we’d have to say that we agree.  Without giving too much away, the video proves what our own John Acton already found out- the new Golf R is a seriously competent performer.  The gap between the two is not nearly as far as one might expect, and the current (or upcoming depending your location) Golf R proves to be strides better than the already stellar MK6 version.

Let us know what you think of the results below.