Volkswagen Accessories Touareg Cargo Organization and Protection

Volkswagen offers Touareg owners several possibilities for cargo organization and trunk area protection:

Cargo Nets

Touareg owners have the ability to improve their cargo management with these

easy to install nylon/elastic cargo net. These 3 cargo nets offer

versatility and easy to use functionality. The floor net uses the lock down

clamps already in the Touareg’s trunk, and the elasticized cargo net

securely pins down bulky valuables, keeping them in place. The side cargo

nets are ideal for smaller objects such as CD cases or maps.

Part Number Cargo organizer

7L0-065-110 Floor trunk liner

7L0-065-115 Left wall

7L0-065-116 Right wall

Cargo Organizer

If Touareg owners want the versatility of being able to carry their cargo

from vehicle to vehicle, or vehicle to home, Volkswagen offers a cargo

organizer with grab handles that pops open when needed and folds flat for

storage. The partitions can be organized to suit the users needs as well.

D-rings and retaining straps help eliminate sliding. It features the Touareg

logo, and measures 28’LX14.5″WX7″H

Part Number ZVW-386-002

Gorilla Gear(tm)

The Volkswagen Gorilla Gear(tm) system consists of Gorilla Grips(tm)

combined with the Gorilla-Gear Cargo mat, offering incredible protection in

the Touareg’s trunk area.

For maximum protection, this easy to use, and easy-to-remove trunk tray is

molded to fit snugly in the Touareg’s trunk are. Its backed with a heavy-

duty rubber, it’s rugged and durable on the bottom. The top is covered with

a stain-resistant looped Polywear(tm), which can be easily hosed off. Like

all other Gorilla-Gear mats, they come with a set of four (4) Gorilla

Grips(tm) for better cargo management. Unlike many aftermarket mats, this

trunk liner already has the cut outs for easy access to the trunk net lock

down clamps. The wholes are covered with plastic covers when not in use.

Works great with trunk net 7L0-065-110.

Part Number ZVW-380-500-A (not for vehicles with dual zone rear AC system.)

Hard plastic cargo shell

For heavy duty use, this rugged, black, molded cargo shell fits perfectly in

the back of the Touareg and is designed to help contain the dirtiest stuff

you can find. For cleaning, just remove and hose off.

Part Number


7L0-061-175 (For vehicles with dual zone rear AC system.)

Available from your local Volkswagen dealership, or by visiting in the US and in Canada.