Volkswagen and Disney Bring Pumped Up “NASCAR Herbie” to New York Auto Show

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Herbie is back!  And now he’s “Fully Loaded” as a NASCAR contender and co-star of the upcoming Disney movie, Herbie Fully Loaded.  The NASCAR Herbie was unveiled today at the New York International Auto Show. A Street Racer Herbie and a New Beetle also share top billing in the movie, which opens nationwide June 24th, just in time for both Disney and Volkswagen of America, Inc.’s 50th anniversaries, and nearly 40 years since the first Love Bug movie was released.

In keeping with the tradition of the classic Herbie movies of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Herbie Fully Loaded will feature a central racing theme, moving from road rally to the track and hot NASCAR action. A number of tricked-out Herbie Beetles were utilized for the film’s many high speed, competitive sequences, with Herbie’s top speed in the movie reaching 190 mph. Most of the racing scenes were shot at California Speedway during the pace laps of the Target House 300, a NASCAR Busch Series race; and the Pop Secret 500, a NASCAR Nextel Cup race.

Lindsay Lohan, Matt Dillon and Michael Keaton star with Herbie once again donning his famous number 53, originally chosen by Bill Walsh, producer of the original Love Bug in 1966, as it was worn at the time by Los Angeles Dodger ace Don Drysdale.  The red, white and blue racing strips were chosen for their patriotic meaning.

Herbie will also be a part of the “Herbie and Friends Cruise,” a coast-to-coast 50th anniversary Volkswagen/Disney road tour coming in May.

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