Volkswagen Announces Formalized “Volkswagen R” Division

Volkswagen has announced the formalization of a new Volkswagen R gmbh group within Volkswagen AG. This groups will primarily be planning and building all future “R” versions of Volkswagen’s products. In actuality, this is more of a marketing and branding change than anything significant as it is still a group within Volkswagen Individual who was already in charge of “R” models. The new name reflects a bit more of a commitment from VWAG to formalize the “R” and “R-Line” products.

Volkswagen AG Press Release –

Wolfsburg, 16 March 2010 – The Volkswagen R GmbH will be the specialist for sporty exclusive models from Volkswagen in the future. Volkswagen AG has bundled the responsibilities and competencies for development, implementations and sales of individualised vehicle offers into Volkswagen R GmbH. For example, its portfolio includes the two new top models, the Scirocco R und the Golf R as well as the dynamic R Line design packages and luxurious Volkswagen Exclusive items.

“Our vehicles contribute to the emotionalisation and growth of Volkswagen brand,” explained Ulrich Riestenpatt gt. Richter, General Manager of Volkswagen R GmbH.

The company’s name, Volkswagen R GmbH, responds to the increased global demand for individualised vehicles with contemporary sportiness and exclusivity. The sporty positioning will be reflected more intensely in the programme of Volkswagen R in the mid and long term. The company has its headquarters in Warmenau near Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen R GmbH employs a staff of more than 350.

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