Volkswagen AutoMuseum Presents 30 Years of the Golf

After large success at the Techno Classica in Essen where Volkswagen dedicated its stand to the 30th Anniversary of the Golf, the display now moves on to Wolfsburg at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum. The “AutoMuseum Volkswagen” presents from June 23 to August 31 of this yearly a special exhibition of Golf history.


The pop group ABBA wins with their hit song “Waterloo” at the Grand Prix D’Eurovision and launches their world career, IKEA opens their first store in Germany and Helmut Schmidt becomes Federal Chancellor of Germany and Germany wins the World Soccor Championship.

Automobile history was written in 1974 in Wolfsburg as well. In the fall of 1974 a completely new automobile concept rolled onto the showroom floors of the Volkswagens dealers. The Golf conquers the heart of the buyers and the “Golf Class” from the onset; it is born as synonym for a whole vehicle segment. From that point on the Golf determines the yardstick for all compact sedans.

It is classless like no other automobile. The growing prosperity and the rising expectations of the German people are reflected in the Golf. In just two years time over 1 millions Golfs are produced. From market introduction the Golf was launched with numerous model and engine variations among them include a Diesel option, a first for that model segment.

The GTI variation is introduced and immediately reaches cult-like status, inventing the “pocket-rocket” segment. In a time when the compact-class cars barely reached 165 kilometers an hour, the GTI easily raises the bar.

The Golf has since gone on to surpass the aircooled Beetle in total production with over 25 million Golfs sold worldwide.

30 Years

The 30th anniversary of the Golf marks a special time to celebrate at the Volkswagen AutoMuseum. Each model generation is represented in the collection, covering 30 years of Golf history as well as development studies and prototypes.

Among other things can be found the German Rallye master of 1981 “Rheila Golf”, the buoyant “Sea Golf” represented with hydraulically actuated pontoons and the electric gulf of 1976. Two very special prototypes are also on display: The first Golf prototype of 1969 still with an air-cooled double-piston boxer engine under the hood as well as a design study of the fifth generation Golf. The “AutoMuseum Volkswagen” in Wolfburg is open daily from 10am to 6pm seven days a the week (as well as holidays).

Following on below and on subsequent pages are highlights of some the special cars on display in the museum:

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