Volkswagen Awarded Innovation Prize For DSG Transmission

– As first manufacturer worldwide, Volkswagen introduces gearbox in series production vehicles

– No interruption in power transmission, always in optimal torque range

Wolfsburg, Germany – Volkswagen has been awarded this year’s innovation prize by AutoBild test&tuning for the development and implementation of the direct selection gearbox DSG. The prize was presented last Friday at the Essen Motor Show. 

Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Head of Gearbox Development at Volkswagen, accepted the award. “We are very pleased to be given this prize. As the first automobile company in the world, we succeeded in making the direct selection gearbox a viable option for series production.  The DSG is an innovation with which Volkswagen has once again set a technical benchmark. This is made evident by almost 60 patents that were awarded during development of the DSG. 

The DSG is without doubt the most innovative gearbox in the world at this time. It combines, in a fascinating way, the comfort of an automatic gearbox with the agility, the driving enjoyment and the efficiency of a manual gearbox. It was introduced on the market at the start of 2003 in the Volkswagen R32. DSG has been an option in the Touran since the end of September. The new Golf will be available in the first half of 2004 with DSG.

One of the outstanding design features of the transversally installed gearbox is the dual wet clutch (higher thermal resistance than dry clutch), which is actuated extremely quickly, yet with a soft and accurate feel. The so-called K1 clutch operates the uneven gear numbers (including reverse) and the K2 clutch operates the even gear numbers. Each gear change is carried out as one clutch opens and the other closes. The reason for this complicated clutch management system: To prevent typical gear change jolts, common on automated gearboxes. What is noticeable, however, is incomparably dynamic, yet comfortable gear engagement.

The DSG features two fully automated gear selection programmes and a Tiptronic function, which allows manual gear selection. In all instances, the gearbox provides the driver with a very direct contact with the vehicle and thereby pure driving enjoyment. For the first time, sporty orientated drivers can experience gear change at the press of a button. The gearbox control unit also ensures, via ABS wheel speed sensors, that the programme does not change up a gear automatically during cornering.

The innovation prize from AutoBild test&tuning is further recognition for Volkswagen’s efforts. Within a short space of time, the new Golf and the Touran compact van have won two of the most coveted prizes from the German motor vehicle press. After being awarded the “Golden Lenkrad” in Berlin, both Volkswagen models also won the “Auto Trophy 2003” in their class.

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