Volkswagen Cuts Toyota’s Lead as World’s Largest Automaker to 30,000 Units

Only about 30,000 vehicles separate the two world’s largest carmakers Toyota and Volkswagen from each other. Both manufacturers have cracked the five million vehicle mark by mid-year- Toyota with 5.097 million is in front by a very small margin, with Volkswagen delivering 4.97 million new vehicles without including their commercial vehicle manufacturers MAN and Scania.  Including trucks and buses, the Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen Group are now at 5.066 million units.

While Toyota remains the world’s largest car maker in terms of sales with 30,000 vehicles more vehicles sold than Volkswagen, and GM has fallen back to third place reports the industry journal “Automobil Produktion”.

General Motors sold 4.92 million vehicles in the first half of 2014 a growth of 1.4 percent. The number 1 from Japan – Toyota – sold 5.097 million units worldwide and was thus able to increase sales by 3.8 percent. The industry giant clearly feels their rivals from Germany creeping closer.

Because Volkswagen was able to increase its sales by 5.9 percent, the Wolfsburg-based brand sold 4.97 million vehicles worldwide in the first half of 2014.  That figure does not take into account the sales of truck manufacturers Scania and MAN, which will be published on Thursday.

[Source- dpp-car reporter]

Translation by VWvortex