Volkswagen Eco-Tour Polo TDI

Wolfsburg, Germany – The Austrian journalist, Gerhard Plattner, who has appeared in the Guiness Book of Records many times and is a long-haul specialist, finished his “100 euro Eco-tour” on 15 August in Luxembourg. He began four days earlier in Bregenz on Lake Constance and had covered a distance of 3129 kilometres (1,945 miles) through 15 european countries by the time he reached his destination point. The Polo TDI needed 123.6 litres (32.7 gallons) of diesel for this trip, which is the equivalent to an average consumption of a mere 3.95 ltr./100 km (59.5 miles per gallon), and fuel costs of 90.89 euro.

Gerhard Plattner conducted the “100 euro Eco-tour” using a standard Polo TDI. Its 1.9-litre direct-injection delivers a powerful 74 kW / 100 bhp and caters for a sportier driving performance with an acceleration from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 10.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 188 km/h (117 mph).

The whole journey was monitored by an independent expert, who pointed out at the destination point that “with an average consumption of 3.95 ltr./100 km the Polo TDI remained around 20 percent under the standard consumption. The average speed of 81.69 km/h (50.8 mph), including 60 percent motorway driving, proves that the Polo was always driven at a normal speed, adapted to the speed of other traffic.”

Gerhard Plattner said that he was not entirely content with the result: “An average consumption of 3.6 ltr./100 km (65.3 mpg) would, by all means, have been possible but I had the air conditioning on for almost a third of the trip due to outdoor temperatures of over 35 degrees, hence, a slightly higher consumption. In spite of this I was still able to prove how economical a standard 100 bhp strong Polo TDI can be.”