Volkswagen Golf 7 – First Official Photos

Here are the first photos of the Volkswagen Golf 7. After months of spy photos, computer renderings, horrible photoshops and more, the official photos have been released. It is hard for us to believe that another generation of Golf has gone by. We launched VWvortex as the Golf 4 was first being introduced and now here we are fifteen years later and the Golf 7 is upon us. We’ve already covered the Golf 7’s new component platform called MQB in this preview article HERE. Likewise we published an extensive technical preview on the Golf 7 HERE which we just updated with new photos. Between both of those article you should find plenty of information to keep you busy for at least 10 minutes.

Here is the short 411 on the Golf 7. The new Golf 7 has lost weight – as much as 220 lbs. depending on the trim level. Compared to the Golf 6, the Golf 7 wheelbase is up 2.3 inches, while the overall length is up 2.2 inches with a marginally smaller front overhang. Overall height is 1.1 inches lower. The front wheels are 1.7 inches further forward giving the car overall sportier proportions. Width is up .5 inches. This all translates into .6 inches more rear leg room and nearly an inch more shoulder and elbow room. The driver has a newly designed cockpit as well, with the center stack controls now tilted towards the driver that include either a 5-inch, 5.8 inch or 8-inch touch screen. Volkswagen’s new touch screen systems feature swipe and pinch gestures as well as a proximity sensor that detects when the hand is coming near the screen and changes the interface graphics in anticipation of where you plan to touch the screen. There is also .8 inches more travel in the front seats and the gear shift has been raised by .75 inches.

Volkswagen is offering a ton of safety and convenience systems (which ones make it here to North America remains to be seen) including (deep breath) a new multi-collision braking system, proactive occupant protection system, standard XDS electronic differential lock (standard on last-gen GTI), ACC adaptive cruise control with Front Assist and City Emergency Braking function, Lane Assist lane-keeping assistant, fatigue detection, traffic sign detection and automatic Park Assist including 360 display and automated Light Assist and Dynamic Light Assist (steerable headlamps). Standard hill hold control means an electronic parking brake is now standard which frees up room in the center console area. A new sport seat has also been developed called ErgoActive.

So far the photos below only show the four-door standard Golf. We expect to see the GTI introduced at the Paris Auto Show in a few weeks at the end of September. The Golf 7 will go on sale in Europe at the end of the year. We don’t expect to see the Golf 7 here in the U.S. till about a year later as a 2014 model. Engines for the U.S. market should include the new 1.8TFSI and new 2.0TFSI built at the new engine factory in northern Mexico, as well as the newest version of the 2.0TDI. Rumors persist that our Golf/GTI/Golf R models will be built in North America, but Volkswagen hasn’t made any formal announcements yet. We will be at the Paris Auto Show at the end of the month with first hand impressions of the new Golf 7 along with a slew of new photos. After that we’ll fly to Europe to drive the new Golf 7 in October, so there will be quite a bit more information coming in the next six weeks. Meanwhile soak the photos in and let us know what you think of the newest Golf.