Volkswagen Gran Turismo Vision GTI Concept Teased

Even if you’re not a driving sim gamer, you likely have seen the cartoon-like Vision GT concept cars thus far from Mercedes-Benz and more recently BMW. The cars are have been a real-life tie to the latest installment of the Gran Turismo gaming series for Sony Playstation… cars that are first designed and built as real concept in real alloy and then drivable within the game. Now, we can confirm that Volkswagen is joining this club with new teasers from the Volkswagen YouTube Channel.

Volkswagen has released a video short where brand design chief Klaus Bischoff  tasks his designers with creating a concept for the game. Even better, they give you those split second impressions on screen and share the hashtag #VisionGTI that likely reveals the name of the concept car as well.

Timing here is interesting. These videos (with gratuitous amounts of DubStep on their soundtrack) were uploaded in the last 24 hours. Given what we know of Volkswagen’s event schedule, the next place that would make sense for such a car to be revealed is Worthersee. Time will tell whether that is the case, but we’re hoping it is and we’ll be reporting from Worthersee just in case that happens.

Watch the videos below.