Volkswagen Group Sets New Historic Record with Just under 6.2 Million Vehicles Delivered Worldwide in 2007

Wolfsburg/Detroit, January 13, 2008 – The Volkswagen Group delivered over 6 million vehicles to customers for the first time ever last year. The Group sold 6.189 million vehicles worldwide, increasing deliveries year-on-year by 7.9 percent. “Vehicle sales in excess of 6 million represent an important milestone for us. I am convinced our great cars, attractive prices and further models will help us to beat the record yet again this year,” Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, commented. Winterkorn thanked customers all over the world for their confidence in vehicles built by the Group’s eight brands.

The Group recorded a one-third increase in vehicle deliveries to each of the high-volume markets in Brazil and China compared with the previous year: 581,300 vehicles were sold in Brazil (+32.0 percent), deliveries in China and Hong Kong rose 28.0 percent to 910,500 passenger cars. Very high growth was also recorded in Central and Eastern Europe, with 496,400 vehicles delivered representing a rise of 20.9 percent. In Germany, the Group sold 1.06 million vehicles (-4.8 percent) in a very difficult market and expanded its market share slightly from 32.6 to 32.7 percent. “In what has been a difficult year for all automakers we have again sold over one million vehicles in Germany. The expected effects of the rise in VAT were compounded by a general increase in the cost of living and, regrettably, also by uncertainty and a reluctance to buy on the part of many customers triggered by climate policy,” Winterkorn added.

All eight brands recorded sales increases

Group brands also recorded several all-time records last year. All eight Group brands increased deliveries worldwide compared with the previous year and thus contributed to the Group’s new delivery record.

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand set a new record with worldwide deliveries of 3.66 million vehicles and a strong plus of 7.8 percent. The brand reported very high percentage growth in Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe and China. Deliveries in Brazil rose by one third (32.4 percent) to 493,700 vehicles. Brand deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe rose 29.7 percent year-on-year to 151,800 vehicles. 777,500 passenger cars were delivered in China and Hong Kong, representing a rise of 24.5 percent and maintaining the brand’s pole position in this passenger car market. 519,200 vehicles were delivered in the brand’s home market of Germany, representing a decrease of 9.1 percent and in line with overall market developments (-9.2 percent).

In 2007, Audi recorded its twelfth successive delivery record, with deliveries totaling 964,200 vehicles, representing an increase of 6.5 percent. Skoda also reported a new record of 630,000 deliveries, a rise of 14.6 percent. Seat delivered 431,000 vehicles to customers worldwide (+0.4 percent).

Bentley once again beat all records, delivering 10,014 vehicles, which represented an increase of 6.7 percent and topped the 10,000 mark for the first time. The Italian super sports car brand Lamborghini also put on a convincing performance in 2007 with 2,400 vehicles delivered and a rise of 14.8 percent. The Bugatti brand delivered 81 vehicles to customers, almost double the prior-year figure and representing an increase of 80.0 percent.

Developments at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand last year were also very pleasing: the brand delivered 488,700 vehicles, a marked rise of 10.7 percent and representing yet another all-time best.