Volkswagen January 2009 Sales Report

HERNDON, Va.— Volkswagen of America, Inc. today announced January 2009 sales of 12,744 units, a 11.6 percent decrease over January 2008 sale of 14,412 units.

Volkswagen’s stylish new CC, which was designed to blend sports car dynamics and dimensions with sedan comfort, posted its best sales month since its market introduction last September with more than 1,000 units sold.

“We know 2009 has the potential to be another extremely tough year for the Automotive Industry due to continued challenges with the economy, yet we are optimistic for a successful future here in the U.S.” said Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “2009 will be the first full year of sales with all five of our new products that launched last year, combine that with our commitment of manufacturing safe, efficient, high quality, and affordable fun-to-drive German Engineered vehicles, and we see a strong opportunity to grow our business here.” added Barnes.