Volkswagen Launches First Consumer Blog Forum – TDI Truth & Dare

Volkswagen of America, Inc. today launched its first unedited consumer blog forum called TDI Truth & Dare ( The blog forum will differentiate “diesel” from “clean diesel” and encourage active participation through two simple challenges. First, visitors will learn the truth about clean diesel technology by understanding the facts. Second, the forum will dare visitors to get involved in the alternative fuel discussion by participating in online events like the “Tank Wars” fuel efficient driving challenge and using applications like “Diesel Finder” and “Savings Calculator.” Additionally, the blog will post relevant facts and discussions from Volkswagen as well as third party sources and consumers to keep visitors up to date on the latest diesel conversation. The blog forum will run year round and serve as a platform for product and clean diesel messaging in a voice that is unique to Volkswagen.

“Volkswagen believes that clean diesel offers drivers a high-mileage, fuel efficient vehicle without compromising on great performance,” said Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America. “TDI Truth & Dare will engage consumers in conversation while it educates them about the clean diesel facts and how well our TDI family compares against competitive alternative fuel offerings.”

TDI Truth & Dare will approach Truths and Dares with several distinct offerings, including Tank Wars and two diesel applications, Diesel Finder and Savings Calculator:

Tank Wars – The ultimate MPG challenge where Volkswagen dares consumers to reach or surpass the Guinness World Record of 58 miles per gallon set in September 2008 by a Volkswagen Jetta TDI driven by John and Helen Taylor. Using only a Facebook account and their Volkswagen TDI, consumers will join a high mileage community and report on their MPG achievements, which will be shown on a live leaderboard at

Diesel Finder attacks the myth that diesel is hard find. There are over 60,000 diesel filling stations around the United States. Truth. This application will use your location to find the closest ultra-low-sulfur clean diesel filling stations and the best prices. It will even give you directions helping you get there more efficiently.

Savings Calculator attacks the myth that green cars are more expensive. With Savings Calculator, visitors can put a Volkswagen TDI up against competitive models for a side-by-side comparison of miles per gallon, cost per mile, annual fuel cost, carbon emissions and miles per tank to see how much money can be saved by driving a TDI.

The blog forum will be updated continuously throughout the year to keep the content fresh and engaging for the community.

In addition to TDI Truth & Dare, Volkswagen today also kicks off the latest installment of its DAS AUTO brand campaign, this time with a collection of 30-second TV spots entitled “Meet the Volkswagens.” The new spots again feature Max the Beetle but also introduce a brand new character named BUS. Voiced by actor Thomas Haden Church, BUS is a talking ruby red 1963 Volkswagen Bus who calls upon Volkswagen’s tradition and heritage while, for the first time in an advertising campaign, directly calls out the competition on hot topics like mileage, fuel efficiency, cost of ownership and safety. The campaign will run for 8 weeks and will be supported online and at dealerships nationwide.

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