Volkswagen Marine at the Boot 2004

On the occasion of this year’s “boot” exhibition in Düsseldorf, Volkswagen Marine will present an important novelty for the sailing sector – their so-called saildrive system. The show starts on 17th January and closes on 25th January 2004.

The four cylinder versions of the line up are available with that new propulsion unit, which is tailored to the requirements of many customers and boatyards. The saildrive can make conventional shaft drives redundant, the installation of which is time consuming and requires a lot of space on board.

A saildrive directs the engine power under the hull by means of a vertical shaft where it drives a propeller via a compact angle drive. In the case of some high performance sailing hulls, that technology is the only option for efficient use of an inboard diesel engine. Saildrives were initially only available for rated power up to 29 kw (40 hp). Further development has made that technology compatible with engines up to 55 kw (75 hp) – and therefore ideal for combination with the Volkswagen Marine engines SDI 40-4 (29 kw), SDI 50-4 (37 kw) and SDI 60-4 (44 kw).

These three engines are mechanically identical and offer, due to natural aspiration, an exemplarily flat torque curve. They are designed for maximised refinement which includes an electronically controlled throttle valve in the intake manifold restricting air intake at low engine speeds up to 1100 rpm. The result is particularly soft combustion and increased comfort on board. In combination with the new saildrives, these engines form a package that is easy and compact to install while offering minimised vibration and noise during operation. On top of that come the dramatically reduced service requirements of Volkswagen Marine engines as a result of innovations such as hydraulic valve clearance control, automatic drive belt tensioners and electric oil drain pumps.

During “boot 2004” visitors are invited to participate in a game show on the Volkswagen booth. Players can prove their technical and nautical knowledge and win small prices.

As usual the Volkswagen Marine booth is located in hall 9, stand number C 26.

The Volkswagen booth team includes experts from the departments distribution and engineering who stand by for visitor’s inquiries.

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