Volkswagen of America Announces New Vice President

Volkswagen of America, Inc. has announced the appointment of Len Hunt to Vice President in charge of the Volkswagen brand in the United States and Canada, effective March 1, 2004. Mr. Hunt will report to Gerd Klauss, President and CEO of Volkswagen of America, Inc. and Volkswagen Canada. He will lead Volkswagen’s efforts to continue elevating and expanding the brand to its full potential in the North American market.

Hunt, 48, succeeds Frank Maguire who is fulfilling plans to retire at 60 this year after 20 years of service. “Frank successfully moved Volkswagen volumes, brand image and awareness to new levels. He also led the complete renewal of Volkswagen’s retail facilities in both the United States and Canada in recent years. The successful launch of the award winning Touareg and the introduction of the Phaeton can be viewed as the capstone to a great career at Volkswagen,” said Klauss.

Hunt previously held the position of Vice President in charge of Audi of America since January 1999. During Hunt’s time at the helm, Audi of America achieved four consecutive record sales years and an all time sales record in Canada in 2003.

Prior to joining Audi of America, Len Hunt was Director of Audi UK for five years. He also worked for Jaguar and Rover.

Hunt and his wife Alyson live in Oakland Twp., Michigan and have two children.

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