Volkswagen Passenger Cars Records 3.9 Percent Increase in Deliveries During First Quarter

Volkswagen has recorded an increase of 3.9% in total deliveries during the first quarter of 2014 over last year.  The increase stems from a record 13.3% growth in the Asian-Pacific market and a strong performance in the overall European market.  While the Asian-Pacific and European markets are growing, Volkswagen has seen deliveries decrease in India and the Americas.  We anticipate to see these numbers rebound with the release of the Mk7 Golf Models due later this year.

Read Volkswagen’s full Press Release below.

  • 557,800 vehicles delivered in March / +4.8 per cent

Wolfsburg, April 8, 2014: The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 1.48 (January-March 2013: 1.43; +3.9 per cent) million vehicles in the first three months of this year. The brand handed over 557,800 (March 2013: 532,400; +4.8 per cent) vehicles in March. “The delivery figures for Volkswagen Passenger Cars, our core brand, in the first three months of the year were encouraging. Deliveries in Europe continued to improve and we saw further expansion in Asia in particular; however, this contrasted with a tense market situation in South America,” Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, said in Wolfsburg on Tuesday.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 422,300 (396,200; +6.6 per cent) vehicles on the overall European market in the first quarter, of which 225,100 (208,800; +7.8 per cent) units were delivered in Western Europe (excluding Germany). Developments in the home market of Germany, where 133,100 (126,500; +5.3 per cent) customers took possession of a new vehicle, were also favourable. In addition, Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew deliveries in the Central and Eastern Europe region in the period to March, handing over 64,100 (61,000; +5.2 per cent) vehicles there. The company delivered 34,300 (35,300; -2.7 per cent) units in Russia.

The brand recorded a 13.3 per cent increase in deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region in the period to March, handing over 740,100 (653,500) vehicles to customers. 682.700 (598.100; +14.1 per cent) units were delivered in China (incl. Hong Kong) during the same period. In contrast, deliveries in India fell to 10,500 (16,600; -36.8 per cent). Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 134,600 (145,700; -7.6 per cent) vehicles in the North America region, of which 87,300 (98,200; -11.1 per cent) models were handed over to customers in the United States. In the South America region, deliveries in the period to March declined to 135,000 (176,600; -23.5 per cent) units, of which 105,300 (131,200; -19.7 per cent) were handed over in Brazil.