Volkswagen Passes GM, Becomes World’s Second Largest Automaker

Although the North American market is a bit soft for Volkswagen at the moment, sales around the world are more than enough to make up for it.  Over the first half of this year, the Volkswagen Group has moved an extremely impressive 4.97 Million vehicles.  It’s even more impressive when you consider that GM ‘only’ moved 4.92 Million, making the Volkswagen Group now the world’s second largest automaker.  We expect Toyota to retain the number one position when they release their numbers later this month, but this news is extremely promising.  Considering how much Volkswagen is currently investing in infrastructure with the goal of increasing sales in the North American market, we’d say that becoming the world’s largest automaker within the next few years is a very real possibility.

We expect The Volkswagen Group to put out a Press Release quite shortly on the news.