Volkswagen Presents Diesel Particle Filter Systems at the IAA 2003

Customers will already be able to buy the Passat TDI with 2.0 litres displacement and 136 horsepower (100 kilowatt) with a diesel particle filter as standard this autumn.

As a result of the rigorous implementation of the Euro 4 strategy, even now a substantial share of the Volkswagen product programme, from Lupo and Polo to Golf, Bora and Passat fulfil the Euro 4 emissions standards. Following the successes achieved in the area of internal combustion, comes the next step: the rigorous introduction of diesel particle filters. Vehicles which do not fulfil the Euro 4 emissions standards through internal combustion measures will be equipped successively with diesel particle filters as standard. Volkswagen will offer filters optionally on vehicles which overcome the emissions obstacle without filters.

Volkswagen will be showing two different systems at the IAA: one system with an additive, which will go into production for the Passat this year, and a system located close to the engine and without additive, which will be offered in 2004.