Volkswagen Provides Car Service for World Awards In Hamburg

Volkswagen provided the car service for the World Award ceremony on 22 October and the World Peace Conference preceding it in the Hamburg Town Hall with a fleet of forty Phaetons, ten Touaregs and nine Multivans.

Since Monday the Phaetons and Touaregs have been tirelessly running between the Airport and the Hotel “Atlantic” on Hamburg’s Aussenalster to collect a total of some 150 international guests and jury members of the World Award Committee from the airport and the station. Among them were this year’s award-winners Christopher Reeve, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Cat Stevens, Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Lech Walesa, Karl Lagerfeld, Jan Ullrich, Siegfried Fischbacher (Siegfried & Roy) and the president of the World Awards, Peace Nobel prize winner Michail Gorbatchev. “Each of our award winners had a Phaeton and driver at his disposal” Georg Kindel, general manager of World Connection explained the set-up, “they are driven shopping, to the barber’s, sightseeing or to the Reeperbahn – wherever they want to.”

Indisputable highlight was award ceremony on Wednesday evening which was attended by over 1200 guests in the Hamburg Music Hall. On such a night above all a smooth and rapid arrival and departure of the guests is critical. The logistical effort involved should not be underestimated. Although, for Volkswagen this is now almost routine. The car service has been operating since the beginning of 2002 and is now in high demand throughout Europe. “Our largest job was the Berlin International Film Festival in February of this year,” told Michael Horn, head of Sales – Luxury Cars. Meanwhile he has to turn down a lot of the requests, as the Phaetons have become so popular: the Phaeton has been in service at events ranging from the World Bank Forum in Bonn and the SAP Open in Hamburg to the NATO Conference in Barcelona as well as charity galas with high profile guests. “Our engagement at such high ranking events”, so Horn, “is for us the perfect opportunity to present the excellent suitability of the Phaeton as a chauffeur driven limousine.”

The Phaeton is offered in Europe with four different engines, the V6, V8, W12 and V10 TDI. Since mid-October it can also be ordered on a long-wheelbase. In America the long-wheelbase Phaeton will be launched in November and can be bought with a V8 or W12 engine.

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