Volkswagen Returning to SuperBowl Commercial Fray

Apparently Volkswagen can’t use the word “Super Bowl” when talking about their commercial produced specifically for the “Super Bowl” and instead has to refer to it as “Game Day” or “Big Game”. Presumably because the NFL has issues with people using the word “Super Bowl” in anything commercial. You would think the amount of money companies like VW spend to advertise and sponsor the “Super Bowl” would at least give them some latitude to use the word “Super Bowl” when describing a commercial they made specifically for the “Super Bowl”. Since we’re a media outlet reporting news, we can use the word “Super Bowl” when discussing this whole topic. Anyway, we digress…

VW is going to have another commercial during the Super Bowl this coming January and while we don’t know what this years theme will be, we’re sure it will be entertaining to watch. No word yet whether VW plans to release a teaser in advance or not, but we’ll certainly pass it along as soon as we see something. Meanwhile the VWoA press release that can’t use the word “Super Bowl” follows below…

Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced today it will advertise during the Big Game for the fourth consecutive year. Volkswagen cruises into 2013 with a new advertisement and integrated marketing campaign to premiere on Game Day.

“After a record-setting 2012, Volkswagen looks to the Big Game as an opportunity to sustain momentum in the year ahead,” said Tim Mahoney, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “We are excited to build upon our storytelling legacy during one of TV’s most watched events.”

Volkswagen enjoyed unprecedented viewer engagement in previous years after Big Game spots, including “The Force” and “The Dog Strikes Back,” which featured the 2012 Passat and 2012 Beetle, respectively. “The Force” was voted the Number One ad of 2011 by ADWEEK and garnered more than 55 million views online, while “The Dog Strikes Back” was named one of 2012’s leading ads on YouTube by Google. Volkswagen’s 2012 Game Day spot and its teaser, “The Bark Side,” have received a combined 33 million views to date.

The acclaim helped Volkswagen achieve the success it enjoys today, including a 35 percent sales increase year-to-date and 27 consecutive months of year-on-year growth, as of November 2012.

To continue the momentum, Volkswagen’s 2013 Game Day commercial and digital/social media support will build on the brand’s tradition of sharing simple, human stories and align with its Why VW brand campaign and social media storytelling platform, which allows owners and fans to share their individual Volkswagen experiences with the world.