Volkswagen’s Compact MPV Touran Accompany “Pumuckl and his Circus Adventure”

When PUMUCKL AND HIS CIRCUS ADVENTURE has its premiere on 12 October in Munich, the successful compact MPV Touran from Volkswagen will be a part of it:

The flexible all-rounder from Volkswagen, which can seat up to seven people, is the first prize in a prize-draw for the cinema release of PUMUCKL AND HIS CIRCUS ADVENTURE in association with Sat.1-Frühstücksfernsehen and TV Spielfilm. The game started on 6 October. It is possible to enter via the Internet at: and The prize draw takes place in November. Furthermore, the Touran can be seen – furnished with Pumuckl motifs – at the premiere in Munich. Plus: The flexible all-rounder from Volkswagen will be the shuttle vehicle for the actors to the premier.

Gabriele Theuerkauf, Head of Marketing for the Touran at the VW subsidiary Auto 5000 GmbH in Wolfsburg said: “The Touran has been on the market since March 2003 and it is popular not only with families. According to statistics from the Federal Motor Office, during the month of August 6295 Tourans were newly registered. This means that the newcomer had taken eighth place overall and three months later it was the leader of the MPV segment. Volkswagen is pleased to accompany the premier of the new Pumuckl film. Volkswagen has already made many families happy with the lottery of over 500 free cinema tickets for the new PUMUCKL film on the website”.

The winner of several comparison tests is regarded as a multi-variable family, leisure and company car with uncompromisingly good all-round qualities. The body, interior, the extremely dynamic running gear and also to a great extent the drive train configuration of the Touran, equipped with five or an optional seven individual seats, were completely newly developed. Amongst the most important features of the Volkswagen are its variable interior concept and its spaciousness (up to 1 989 litres luggage compartment volume).

Volkswagen wishes Pumuckl a happy ending for his circus adventures a happy result, hopes that the audience enjoy and also hopes that the film, released in Germany on 16 October is successful as a film.