Volkswagen Launches “Electrified! Tour 2014” In Germany

Volkswagen launches the Germany-wide “electrified! Tour 2014” on July 5.  After successful e-Mobility Weeks this spring in Berlin, Europe’s largest car manufacturer invites all interested parties to not only obtain information about electric mobility on one of the many tour stops, but to also experience the electric and zero-emission driving itself.  Trial runs can be booked online at or directly at the event.

As part of the “electrified! Tour 2014” the Volkswagen brand shows their guests the current state of electric mobility, and explains the new technology. Both the e-up!, As well as the e-Golf are available for test drives. The test drive distance traveled is recorded via GPS and immediately analyzed, the participants then obtain a comparison to their driving behavior with a conventionally powered and an e-vehicle. The data is analyzed in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and can be discussed with on-site experts.

In addition to e-up! and e-golf, Volkswagen is showing their XL1 in the exhibition area as another highlight of the “electrified! Tour 2014.”  The production XL1 is the most efficient production car in the world, and a technology highlight of the Volkswagen brand.  Limited to 200 copies worldwide, the first XL1 was delivered in late May.

The “electrified! Tour 2014″ is also an entertainment program: On the e-Dancefloor, visitors can dance to electronic music and thereby generate their own electricity in the Interactive Terminals, and also find comprehensive information about electric mobility and sustainability.  After the e-Mobility Week in Berlin Volkswagen wants the”electrified! Tour 2014” to continue the thought of electric mobility in the public and increase fascination of the electric car experience. About 20 e-up! and e-golf models are available during the event days for test drives.

(Source- dpp-car reporter)

Translation by VWvortex