VW to Stop Pushing TDI in America

Volkswagen says that the push to make diesel passenger cars popular in America is over. Speaking to Car and Driver the CEO of Volkswagen of America said that the future is electric.

I wish to make clear that the push for diesel for the brand is done,” Woebcken told Car and Driver. “We don’t foresee that the strength of diesel will come back for this market.”

Instead, as stated by VW CEO Matthias Muller, the company push electric and hybrid technology.

Woebcken clarified, however, that he was only speaking for the North American market. Volkswagen may continue to push diesels in Europe, where the market has embraced the fuel.

Although the diesel scandal clearly encouraged Volkswagen to stop pushing TDIs, the move may have come either way.

“Because of upcoming regulations, the diesel would have seen a limited future, regardless,” he told Car and Driver.

Although TDIs will no longer be pushed, it’s not certain that they’ll leave the market altogether. The Touareg may still get a TDI engine, but the Golf, Jetta, Beetle, and Passat almost certainly will not.