Watch: Matt Farah Drives VW Vortex Rabbit

For all the many cars he’s driven Matt Farah had apparently, before a recent One Take, never driven a Mk1 Rabbit. Fortunately for us all, forum member Carlifornia was around to give him a ride in his largely stock car and you could have bought it.

The baked  then smoked Rabbit was featured in our Find of the Day series last month, when it had already been driven by Matt Farah. Now, though, the video is finally ready to watch and you can see what you didn’t buy—or if you’re the person who bought it, what it went through before it got to you.

Despite having been detuned, rather than tuned, Farah is really kind to this Rabbit. Weighing in at a feather light 1,700 lbs, the Rabbit doesn’t really need all 76 hp it was endowed with at Westmoreland.

Of course, the Rabbit is better suited to driving downhill, but in either direction, its direct steering and lack of weight mean it’s a riot. And a comfortable one to boot.