Waterfest Preview: 2006

This might just be the year. After two straight years of deluge-like downpours the then-ironically named “Waterfest” left most a bit drenched, though appetites for modified Audis and Volkswagens entirely quenched. The weatherman is now telling us this coming weekend’s 2006 event should be graced by sunny skies, though heat in the 90-degree range.

Expect 2006 to be a banner year at Waterfest. Both Audi and Volkswagen have been busy in the last year launching new models that proud new owners are bound to bring to the event, alongside some of the top modified VWs and Audis on the East Coast and beyond. This year also marks a major corporate presence by Volkswagen of America.

VWvortex and Fourtitude will be located in the same endcap display area we’ve occupied the last several years, just across the aisle from Volkswagen’s own large stand.

The big news from VWvortex is its collaboration with the DubAudi Gruppe in the production of a fast-paced “DBadged” DVD that recaps last summer’s show scene to the music some great new bands. DVDs will be available with or without matching DBadged T-shirts at the stand. Look for VWvortex specific gear as well.

Fourtitude will be selling some three color printed logo heather gray T-shirts this year with the Fourtitude logo on the chest.

Decals for both websites will be available on a first-come, first-served basis free-of-charge to our readers. Timing constraints by our supplier have kept Fourtitude decal stock low, so we’ll be asking Fourtitude readers to show us their Audi keys to get a pair of decals.

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