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World Cup Advertisers Kia, Volkswagen Had Greatest Influence On Car Shoppers

Volkswagen went all out on advertising for the World Cup this summer, and as Kelly Blue Book reports, it paid off.  While the Volkswagen sales numbers will not be released until later this week, KBB.com reports a 18% increase in searches for Volkswagen during the World Cup, with the greatest surge happening during the week that the US faced Portugal and Germany.  We look forward to seeing if the increased interest in the brand translated into sales, but either way the success of the campaign is undeniable.

Check out the full Press Release below.

IRVINE, Ca — Riding the wave of soccer fever that swept the nation, automotive companies that advertised during the World Cup 2014® experienced twice as much growth in consumer interest on KBB.com compared to automakers that did not advertise during the event, 1 according to Kelley Blue Book. The greatest traffic surge occurred the week the U.S. Men’s National Soccer team competed against Portugal and Germany, as many Americans tuned in to the high-profile games.

“By creating entertaining, soccer-specific commercials, World Cup automotive advertisers Kia, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Nissan successfully generated interest around their brand and models, driving consumer research activity on KBB.com,” said Arthur Henry, analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s KBB.com. “Each advertiser also highlighted elements of the game that were relatable to the casual American soccer fan.”

Percent Increase of KBB.com Searches for Automakers Advertising During World Cup


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Kia and Volkswagen tied for first place in this year’s World Cup ad game. FIFA’s official automotive partner Kia along with Volkswagen both increased nearly 20 percent in new-car searches on KBB.com after their respective ads aired, which was more than any other automaker advertising during the soccer series.  Kia’s commercials featured Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, and the brand experienced a similar traffic surge on KBB.com when Lima previously starred in the automaker’s commercial that aired during the 2012 Super Bowl®.  Volkswagen’s consumer interest likely surged because the German manufacturer benefits from its large following among soccer fans.

Source- KBB.com