Yet Another Golf R Wagon Mule Spotted at the Nurburgring

Nearly two months to the day after a Golf R Variant/Wagon test mule was spotted on the Nurburgring, our spies have captured a second test vehicle making its way around the fabled circuit.  This second Golf R Variant/Wagon mule looks to be a bit more serious than the first as well.


In addition to the aesthetic changes which we have already seen on the previous test car, this Golf R Variant/Wagon includes the correct quad outlet Golf R exhaust, a full roll cage, and Recaro shell seats which seem to have been lifted from the Scirocco R.  Now we aren’t going to get too worked up about the seats or the cage as they are most likely safety measures, but we really hope the seats make it into a production run should the car be approved.


Also of note are what appear to be Exhaust Gas Temperature sensors heading underneath the car from the rear bumper area, which point to this particular car being powered by something a bit more potent than we have seen in a Golf Variant/Jetta SportWagen before.  Check out the additional pictures below, and we will continue to bring you updates as they become available.