YouTube Video Shows Detailed Build Up of LEGO Camper Van Model

For those of you that saw our news piece on LEGO making a camper bus model, we hope you were just about as excited as we were to pick one up and get building. For those of you on the fence, however, we think we have found quite the cure. Whether the hesitation is due to fear of the build being too difficult, or the model not having enough detail/features to justify spending your hard-earned money on one, the video below of Marshall Matlock’s time-lapse build clears up those trepidations really well.

As you can see from the video, Matlock takes a lot of time documenting quite a few details during the build process, and we think he might have even deviated from the supplied building directions a big for added flair. If seeing all the detailed pieces that comprise this model during the build process wasn’t enough to get you excited, Matlock then does a nifty walk-around of the model, showing all the hinged pieces that can be moved.

We love the model even more after watching the build, and can’t wait for one to show up in our office. Check it out below.