VW Starts Working on Wörthersee GTI

Since 2008, Volkswagen has brought a special, one-off GTI designed by young employees and students to the Wörtherseetreffen in May—from which, incidentally, VWVortex will reporting live next week.

This year’s one-off will be the 10th ever made for the largest Volkswagen show in the world, and VW is giving us the first hints of what this new one-off will be like.

Thirteen people are working on the project, and each of them is aware of the weight on their shoulders. That’s why they’re using digital technologies to ensure that a clear design direction could be established early and followed through on with speed and fidelity.

Yasmine Weinhold, an apprentice media designer, drew up several design series on a tablet. From there the trim, mounts, clips, the wrap and more could all be made, ready for installation on the car.

“This way, we were able to take fast and efficient decisions concerning the design of wheel rims, paintwork, and foils,” says Eric Miguel Lehrach, an apprentice mechatronics technician. “In addition, we kept the design and production process for the special components needed for the sound system and rear-end equipment in our own hands.”

Inside, the car will have a high-tech sound system with 11 speakers and 1,960 watts, as well as an internet connection and unique accouterments.