Watch this Guy Race the Pants off a Mk1 Golf

One of the big problems  with modern racing is that, although the drivers are as skilled as ever, due to the pace of technology and the nature of going fast it’s hard for people to see that skill. That’s not a problem here.

This hero (his name Daniel Wittwer for any minstrels interested in writing a ballad about his exploits) was racing his 2.0-liter 16v Golf at a hill climb in Switzerland last year.

Golfs, as we all know, are capable of going much faster than you’d expect, but this particular one looks like every last drop of performance is being squeezed out of it. The driver is on the edge of control for every frame of this video, sawing madly at the wheel.

He even looks like he’s gone over the line when the Golf looks about ready to fall over, but he manages to hold it.

Never, though, is the driver’s effort clearer than when he’s finished and he cheerfully celebrates his performance. He’s so unabashedly happy that’s it’s hard not to celebrate along with him. You go, Golf man.