Watch: Restoring a 60-Year-Old SEAT 600 the Right Way

Many readers will doubtless be familiar with the mildly condescending question “but why that car?” when in the middle of a project. A portion of the population just doesn’t get ever pouring money into a car that won’t be worth a million bucks and the vast majority of restorations don’t make fiscal sense. Equally, though, most restorations aren’t financial endeavors. What they’re really about is love.

Automakers, it turns out, aren’t immune to financially irresponsible restorations, as SEAT has just proven.

We reported recently that the Spanish automaker was rebuilding one of its earliest cars to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the car and, in many ways, the company.

The SEAT 600 may look like just a rebadged Fiat to some, but to SEAT it’s Genesis. That little people’s car, the car that mobilized Spain and helped kick off an economic miracle around the nation, was SEAT’s first and its success allowed the company to sell products like the SEAT Leon Cupra today.

And so, even though it’s just a humble 600, SEAT poured more than 1,500 hours of work, 1,000 new parts, 160 feet of unique cloth, and 4 gallons of paint into its restoration for the Barcelona auto show.

You can watch the video of everything that went into renewed better than new SEAT 600 above.