Project Scirocco

Project Installments:

1. Introduction
As the older water-cooleds become cheaper and cheaper, pro/ject cars based on them become much more affordable. Perhaps the most attractive of all of these cars was the Scirocco I. As you can see, this project will include, not only performance upgrades, but also a full restoration.
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2. Part I - New Paint and Suspension
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3. Part II - Brakes and wheels and tires
With paint and body restoration behind us, we can start concentrating on the chassis improvements.
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3. Part III - Lighting
New lighting upgrades help see the way.
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3. Part IV - Drivetrain and Conclusion
Project Scirocco gets a heart transplant and a denouement.
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Base Car: 1981 Scirocco S
Engine: Unknown
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Color: Porsche Polber Silber
Engine: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Exhaust: Stock
Wheels: Schmidt MX 15"x8"
Tires: Pirelli P700's - 195/50-15
Suspension: H&R Cup Kit
Brakes: Eurosport slotted 8.9" rear rotors and 10.1" fronts
Exterior: Stock
Lighting: Sylvania XENARC HID
Interior: Stock
Stereo: Stock
Contact: Paul Grimes