Video: Boba Motoring’s 1000hp AWD Volkswagen Golf is Hilarious Insanity

Boba Motoring’s “16Vampir” Volkswagen Golf is somewhat of a YouTube celebrity and with over 1000hp on tap while weighing in at only 980kg, it’s easy to see why.  So today when Boba Motoring uploaded a new clip of the car breaking its own record in the quarter mile, we had to see it for ourselves.  In the video below, the 1000hp Golf rockets down the quarter mile in just 8.66 seconds at 172mph.

Boba Motoring’s creation is powered by a turbocharged 16 valve Volkswagen motor with 53lbs of boost thrown at it, and tuned to run on e85.  For good measure, it’s also been converted to be all-wheel-drive.  It’s like something you would build in Forza, but better because it’s real.  After watching this video, be sure to check out the others on their YouTube channel as they are almost equally insane.