Video: Two Off at the Nurburgring is a Bad Thing.

F1 Racing legend Jackie Stewart once called the Nürburgring, “Green Hell” due to its extreme difficulty and beautiful scenery.  The track has lived up to this nickname with over 70 fatalities occurring on-track and countless accidents during race events and open track days, many of which can be seen on YouTube.  Yesterday while perusing our normal sites, we stumbled upon one particular off that can best be described as catastrophic.  In the video, a fifth-generation GTI careens off track in the “Foxhole” as a result of the car entering the corner wide and its driver lifting off the throttle, causing the back end to step out and pitch the car to the right.

Luckily for the driver, he was up and about after the incident. It’s safe to say the while the GTI is a total loss, the Volkswagen saved this man’s life.  Thanks to Bridge to Gantry for the tip.