Video: Volkswagen Scirocco Dragster is the Fastest Car in Bulgaria

According to a new video posted on YouTube, this second generation Volkswagen Scirocco is the fastest car in Bulgaria.  Covering the quarter mile in just 8.579 seconds at 275.89 kph (171.43mph), the Scirocco is shockingly quick especially when you consider the poorly prepared surface it races on.  Unfortunately this is not a 100% Volkswagen build though, as it is powered by a Nissan RB26DET engine sending roughly 1000hp to the wheels.  Much like the country itself, this car is a bit of a mashup.

As you can see in the video above, the car is constantly struggling for traction.  From the looks of it, given a better prepared surface like what we have at many drag strips around the US, this car could go even faster.