Watch: Andreas Mikkelsen Dances on Ice

The last person (maybe ever) to win a WRC rally in a Volkswagen, Andreas Mikkelsen, wants to teach you how to drive on ice.

Armed with an Audi RS 3 and some studded tires, Mikkelsen shows you how to make any frozen body of water your play thing.

Or, perhaps better put, your dance floor. “If you brake in a straight line and turn, there’s no way the car will turn in,” Mikkelsen points out. “Actually it’s all about dancing with a car, when it comes to driving on a frozen ice lake.”

What he means is that you have to throw the car from side to side, playing with the weight of the car.

Just like in dancing, timing is everything. When you’ve started a slide, the car will naturally swing like a pendulum, so the back end will come out, and the front end will go where you want it to.

No one said it would be easy, though. Even Mikkelsen loses control, but if mastered, it’s a whole heck of a lot of good, clean fun.