Watch: How Does the GTI Clubsport Compare to the OG GTI?

Let’s be honest. The only reason to compare the Golf GTI Clubsport Eidtion 40 to the original 40-year-old GTI is because you want to drive a Mk1. A mission we here at the VW Vortex offices can’t but applaud.

This “comparison” takes place in the beloved Welsh countryside where at least one of the cars can be completely unleashed.

The GTI Clubsport Edition 40, on the other hand, has enough power to get you into some real trouble, even when there’s nothing but the Welsh 3000s to keep you company.

But with one of the best steering wheels in all of motoring and 261 bhp to play with, the 2017 GTI can make the best of the countryside. Watch all of the action above.