ABT Reveals Limited-Edition, 740 hp RS7-R

ABT Sportsline isn’t sitting idly by and doing nothing from home. They’re still working on making some absurdly quick and stylish Audis. Probably also from home, but that’s more productive than we are. This latest is a special edition RS7-R, boasting 740 hp and an equally impressive torque figure as well as some seriously cool new bodywork.

While ABT might normally make high-power monsters with restrained exteriors, this R model is a massive exception. Based on the standard Audi RS7, this one starts with a load of carbon fiber bits on the outside. A new front splitter, updates or the grille, big rear spoiler and diffuser, and wider side skirts make this stand out even before they added the touches that make this one special.

This particular car is the one specced for Formula E racer Daniel Abt, called the ALLTHEWAYABT RE7-R, it gets those orange trim lines and a full wrap in the ultra-cool color gradient and geometrically patterned livery you see here. Even the inside of the wheels are finished in that bright orange. For more of this car, ABT will be showing it off on the driver’s YouTube channel starting later today.

The rest of the car has the shove to match the looks, with the RS7’s twin-turbo 4.0L V8 boosted from 591 hp and 590 lb-ft to a much more suitable 740 hp and 679 lb-ft of torque. That’s enough to make the car appreciably quicker. Two suspension choices are on offer, both using ABT coilovers and anti-roll bars. This one’s limited to just 125 and buyers can also get interior upgrades like ABT seats, leather, and carbon trim.

first published by fourtitude