APR Releases Oil Protection System for Gen 1 EA888 TSI Engines

APR is pleased to present the Oil Protection System (OPS) for the 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 1 engine. The OPS is designed to protect the engine from oil starvation, which can cause immediate, and comprehensive, engine failure.

The APR OPS is a racing inspired product backed by years of testing in the Grand-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. APRMotorsport’s 2.0 TSI racing program quickly exposed issues related to the engine’s design, leading to rapid engine failure during high lateral G loads. These situations are easily producible on the street during spirited runs on a twisty road, or taking highway onramps at high speeds. However, they are exacerbated on the track with race compound tires.


The TSI’s oil starvation problems are caused by the engine’s inability to circulate oil back to the oil pan and pickup point quickly enough during the driving situations described above. The oil level in the pan falls below the pickup point and oil pressure drops. With oil no longer providing a protective barrier between critical components, metal on metal contact occurs, wearing parts rapidly. With enough wear, massive engine failure can occur.

APR Motorsport spent a considerable amount of time researching the TSI’s oiling system to investigate traditional methods of addressing the problem. Baffling the oil pan, modifying the PCV system and enlarging the drain back ports from the cylinder head proved ineffective. Once the problem was fully understood the APROil Protection System (OPS) was created.

The OPS is a pressurized 2 quart external oil accumulator designed to instantly add oil into the system the moment oil pressure dips below a predefined level. The OPS slowly presses oil into the system over a period of time until pressure equalizes, and starvation is no longer an issue. The included APR auxiliary ECU interacts with the ECU on the CAN bus allowing APR’s engineers to calibrate the system to only activate when necessary. At a specific RPM, the system automatically arms. This prevents the OPS from over filling the engine while idling in the pits at the track or while stopped on the street.

The data below shows slightly more than one lap around the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in an APR Motorsport GTI. The green area represents the VAG acceptable operating range for oil pressure. The white line represents oil pressure with the APR OPS deactivated. Oil pressure dipped to dangerously low levels and caused irreversible damage to the engine. The red line represents oil pressure with the APROPS activated. Under demanding situations, the OPS automatically provided pressurized oil to the system to prevent damage.


More information about the APR Oil Protection System including pricing can be found on APR’s Website.