Black Forest Releases Clean Catch Oil Separator for MK7 / MQB 2.0T and 1.8T TSI

Black Forest Industries has released the most efficient, simple, and cost effective catch can available for the MK7 / MQB 2.0T and 1.8T TSI engines.


This kit installs in just minutes and allows for the retention of your existing factory PCV system and oil separator. BFI’s Clean Catch features a proprietary baffled can design which maximizes flow, filtering and containing as much oil vapor as possible. By utilizing factory hose connections the highest level of fit and finish is achieved while making installation as easy as possible.


And without the addition of any unnecessary hardware, Black Forest is able to keep costs down making the Clean Catch the best value on the market.

Learn more about the Black Forest Industries Catch Can Oil Separator, right here.