Carbon Works Berlin Reimagines Mk1 Dash in Carbon Fiber

A staple of the European Audi and Porsche tuning scene for quite some time, high quality Carbon Fiber aesthetic upgrades have officially made their way to the Mk1 Volkswagen platform.  Making up for any lost time, Carbon Works Berlin has partnered with hypercar manufacturer Pagani to offer a dashboard bespoke for the first generation Golf, finished in the same fabric weave you’d find on the flanks of a $1.6M Huayra.


As you can see from the image above, Carbon Works Berlin has taken a certain liberty in their design, meaning that you won’t be able to reuse the traditional gauge cluster with this upgrade.  Instead, purchasers will need to swap in a triangular cluster like those seen in formula cars from manufacturers like Stack or Racepak.  Carbon Works did not list a price for the item, but we’re quite sure that it won’t be cheap.

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